Arroyo Looking To Give Glennon More Reps

The Buccaneers’ offense looked a lot better in Week 4 than it did in the previous three weeks. Could it have been because of Josh McCown’s absence?

2014 Scout College Football Preview

All of Scout's 2014 college football preview, with conference previews, All-American Team, Preseason Top 30 and more...

2014 Scout AAC Football Preview

A snapshot preview of the AAC, where the second-year conference looks different again...

Rodriguez coming back to OU

It will be a long road back, but Dalton Rodriguez is ready for the challenge of being a Sooner.


What recruiters were responsible for the most NFL Draft picks over the last three years? Here's your answer in part four of this series. I like to call them the "Recruiting Assassins."

State Supremacy

In digging into the last three NFL Drafts I stumbled on some numbers that I had no idea existed. Where are all the NFL Draftees coming from? Here's part one in a series of stories looking at the states producing the football talent.

Upper Midlands Weekly Recruiting Notebook

Catch up on all the recruiting news from the last week in the Upper Midlands region.

Upper Midlands Weekly Recruiting Notebook

Many prospects in the Upper Midlands region picked up additional recruiting attention over the last week.

Upper Midlands Weekly Recruiting Notebook

Another commit took place in the Upper Midlands region over the last week. Dive in to see the details on that and more.

Upper Midlands Weekly Recruiting Notebook

More offers were sent out in the Upper Midlands region over the week that was a bit quieter than previous ones. Two prospects elected to make their college commitments as well.

Heartbreaking Loss In Tulsa

UTSA went toe-to-toe on Sunday with one of the best teams in Conference USA.

Creighton Weathers Golden Hurricane

The Jays were led by Austin Chatman's big first half and Doug McDermott's strong second half.






  • 01.


    Commits: 21
    Points: 4,120
    Conference: SEC
  • 02.


    Commits: 22
    Points: 3,601
    Conference: SEC
  • 03.

    South Carolina

    Commits: 27
    Points: 3,448
    Conference: SEC
  • 04.


    Commits: 26
    Points: 3,394
    Conference: SEC
  • 05.


    Commits: 20
    Points: 3,260
    Conference: SEC
  • 06.

    Texas A&M

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,259
    Conference: SEC
  • 07.

    Florida State

    Commits: 18
    Points: 3,109
    Conference: ACC
  • 08.

    Penn State

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,034
    Conference: Big Ten
  • 09.

    Notre Dame

    Commits: 20
    Points: 3,011
    Conference: Indep
  • 10.


    Commits: 20
    Points: 2,944
    Conference: ACC
  • 114.


    Commits: 8
    Points: 160
    Conference: AAC